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Educational institutions are the asset of any community, they produce good generations, people who establish them have advance thinking, and they think for the people of the community instead of self, their efforts overcome all the difficulties and hurdles on the way. Some concerned intellectual people from Binjoki Khurd took initiative to continue religious as well as modern education together, one of them was Sh. Mohd Eisa, Ahmed Din, Noor Mohd, Mohd Shareef and Mohd Abdullah, who worked day and night and sowed the seed of education in the village. Today’s generation can never forget them. Islamia High School was established in 1962 in common place of the village, Sh. Mansab was the first headmaster who worked tirelessly, the school ran through donations.

In 1989 the Punjab Wakf Board took over the school management, and with support of teachers the students started to excel in every field and the school become popular across the area for its achievements.

The school now has a new computer and science lab. Audio Visual aids are going to be the new features in every classrooms. The school in the coming years will be upgraded to +2 level.

The teaching medium has already changed from Punjabi to English. The present strength of the school is 119 students under the care of 17 motivated teachers. As the school is gaining popularity around the village the strength is likely to increase in the coming years.

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